Happy Island Waterworld has been built to offer you the best in water park entertainment. This page highlights some of the facilities available at Happy Island Waterworld, for your entertainment, comfort, convenience and safety.



For some of the facilities in our water park, we make use of a RFID wrist band which you will need to get upon arrival at our reception and rentals areas. Your wristband gives you access to a cashless experience and allows you to open and close your personal lockers, allows you to load money onto them and make use of this to buy food, drinks etc within the park as well as rent tubes and more without having to keep your cash or cards on you. If you run out of money whilst in the park, you can simply come back to the rentals area and top up. Its more convenient, entirely waterproof and comfortable to wear. After your water park experience is over, you simply return the wristband and we’ll refund whatever money maybe left on the card.

RFID Wristbands Cost – R20 Refundable Deposit



Every day our team seem to find personal items left in the water park. We lock these up in a Lost and Found area for safekeeping.

Should you have lost anything, please contact roz@happy-island.co.za


Happy Island Waterworld has qualified medics on site every day with a medical center capable of dealing with any medical emergency. We have three full time ILS and registered paramedics as well as 3 companies on standby for ambulance dispatch.


For your safety as well as the safety of your vehicles, Happy Island Waterworld is secured by a team of security personnel around the property. The park is also fitted with a number of security cameras for your protection. Daily patrols are done inside the park to keep you safe and we have stringent safety procedures in the event of emergencies. 



We couldn’t be a good water park without qualified and passionate people, our lifeguards being just that. We have a sufficient amount of lifeguards at all water facilities as well as slide operators to ensure the safety of all guests. All the lifeguards are registered with Lifesaving SA and are fully qualified.


To protect your personal belongings and to ensure you have peace of mind, we have many personal lockers at our change room facilities. These are all protected with the wrist band mentioned above which is used to unlock these. The lockers are 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and can store a fair amount of kit. Note that only one wrist band per locker is allowed.

LOCKERS COST – R40ea. including R20 Refundable Deposit


Keeping the water as clean as possible is a top priority for us. Happy Island Waterworld has a large change room and shower facility where you can shower off before and after your park experience. Towels are also available for purchase at the Convenience Shop at reception.


Happy Island Waterworld has ample FREE parking and in the future, we will also have sufficient parking for tour buses and taxis alike. The parking area are secured within the park precinct but also secured by our security personnel and parking assistants.



You come to the waterpark and for some strange reason you seem to have forgotten your swimwear – don’t stress. We have a convenience store located within the rentals and reception area that sells a host of items to ensure a pleasurable time within the waterpark. From costumes to waterproof phone covers, from towels to water guns and sunglasses, you’ll find what you need.

We look forward to seeing you at Happy Island!!!